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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Stop Standardized Testing!

Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party have waged a well-planned war on education. This war on education began by preventing school divisions from raising taxes to pay for local initiatives. Then Brad Wall froze budgets for three years while school divisions struggled to pay for basic things like repairs to schools. Teachers were then attacked to start off a round of negotiations, and the Saskatchewan Party spents millions of tax dollars to focus frustrations on the education system squarely on teachers. All provincial curricula were changed, new instructional and assessment strategies became new expectations, all without the finances to train and support teachers in new ways of teaching. And now that the curricula have been introduces Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party add a whole 40 hours to the school year to make up for time that will surely be lost to standardized testing. It's time to stand up to Mr. Wall and say, "enough is enough." Our schoolos need well-trained, enthusiastic teachers with the tools for a 21st Century economy - something that standardized testing will NOT help. Please sign up and petition Brad Wall to re-think his war on education in Saskatchewan.

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